Artist Statement            

  I identify myself as a post-documentary photographer and visual artist. I mostly work with photography and modern digital archives, sometimes with video and focus on projects related to national and personal identity, collective memory, contemporary issues, as well as the influence of mass media on the world. In my artistic practice I approach the problems of originality, repetitiveness and authorship, with language being an integral part of it, as well as humor, irony, and simplicity. 

  After the events in Belarus in 2020, I have been working on a series of projects on propaganda and violence in the region from a historical perspective.

  Being a multilingual person and having two citizenship, I feel both connected with the world as a whole and disconnected with its parts no matter what it is — a country, the city I was born in, my family. I feel fine everywhere, but I belong to nowhere. Global “no more borders” tendencies coincide with my pursuit of unity and at the same time collide with my subconscious desire to be a part of a group, to belong, to be different. The process of self-searching has never been so intense. The need for self identification has never been so strong. My aim as a Belarusian artist is to get the voice of Belarusian photographers heard and present us in the world context.    


Awards, contests

2022 In Out short movies festival, 3rd place 

2020 PRAFOTA shortlist and Art category winner 

2020 CitiesToBe Photo Award shortlist 

2019 College Photographer of the Year, bronze in the Domestic Picture Story category 

2018 Nominee of International Photography Grant


2021 Sputnikphotos Art residency, Warsaw

2021 ISSP solidarity residency, Riga

2020 “More than a project”, an online course by Jana Romanova and Maria Morina

2019 Workshop by Simon Menner “Archive: between fiction and reality"/ Minsk, Belarus

2019 Photobook workshop by Elena Kholkina/ Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2017−2019 School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2016−2017 School of photography “Tseh” (Цех), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2017 Online course by Artem Chernov “Composition in photography”

2012−2015 Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

2004−2009 Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus


the February journal,, Artdoc Magazine, Balam Magazine, Imenamag, BirdInflight, S.T.O.L., Natatnik, EEP Berlin, SZUM 

Exhibitions, shows: 

2022 In Out Festival at CSW Łaźnia, /Gdansk, Poland

2022 The Highest form of art, group exhibition at Promocyjna gallery/Warsaw, Poland

2022 The Highest form of art, group exhibition at Krakow Photomonth/Krakow, Poland

2021 Antikoerper, group exhibition/Hamburg, Germany

2021 “Visage (s) d’Europe”, group exhibition/Paris, France

2020 “Equation of state”, group exhibition at National Center for Contemporary Arts/ Minsk, Belarus 

2020 MOST ART Festival/Kaluga, Russia  

2020 Riga Photomonth projection

2020 Pre-Mortem project at the Circulation (s) festival/Paris, France

2020 “Security Apparatus”, group exhibition at Wall-online

2019 Death and dying: between tradition and new imagination/Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2019 Group exhibition at ZGA Gallery/ Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

2013 “Okna”, group exhibition at Collegium Polonicum/ Slubice, Poland

2013 “Koty. Wszędzie”, solo exhibition at Collegium Polonicum/ Slubice, Poland