The colors of the official flag of Belarus have the following meanings:

Red means strength, courage, nobility, energy; 

Green means hope, health, youth, rebirth, hard work, creativity, natural harmony; 

White means purity, integrity, reconciliation, wisdom, knowledge. 


 “under the influence of destructive telegram channels I publicly offended the present president of the Republic of Belarus on the Internet for what I had done I repent and ask the citizens of the Republic of Belarus not to give in to calls to commit illegal actions against the current government of the Republic of Belarus” — these words are pronounced by the people extracted from these stills. The action takes place at the police, where they are forced to read these lines on camera with the current Belarusian flag or some police symbols in the background. The videos are broadcast on state TV channels, published on the official social networks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, state journalists, and TV channels. Many of the people in the video are beaten up. Although it’s set up as if the people are saying these words, not reading, still, the words are always almost the same in every video. Most of these people got there for sending a “protest” sticker or for a comment or for a mere subscription to a telegram channel, which is considered extremist by the regime. More and more media get labeled “extremist” in Belarus. These forced confessions are a humiliation of political opponents and at the same time, this practice can be seen as discrediting the national symbol at the state level by the state itself. After the destruction of all independent media, working with the archive is one of the few available ways to reflect on the current situation. I decided to focus on the content created by the propaganda, cataloging and documenting the ever-growing brutality of the regime.