This series is an attempt to analyse how we present ourselves in social media, what is going on with our selfidentification and how social networks depersonalize their users. Generally an ID photo is considered to be a certain official standard of ourselves, which we present every time we have to be identified. It’s not only about how we look, but, being a part of an ID-card, this photo tells about our social roles, shows what group we belong to. Social media became another group we can be part of. To identify ourselves within that group we have to use profile pictures, which, to a certain extent, can be considered our online ID-photo. Odnoklassniki is a russian social network service for classmates and old friends. It provides its users with sets of templates of frames for profile picture. The frames add various features to users' photos: names, professions, wishes, family status, religious and secular holidays celebration, etc. This shows that even within one group we may tend to take on more identification features than just being a part of that group. Being applied by thousands of users how original are they? Is there still space for being original while using a limited number of options? I applied the offered frames to my own ID photo, thus combined the two standards, creating absolutely anti original standard image of myself.